BODY TEMP: infrared thermometer for temperature without contact

The Body Temp infrared thermometer, comfortable, fast, accurate and easy to use, allows the measurement of the body temperature of a subject without contact, from an ideal distance of 5-15 cm.

Equipped with a large display, it can be used on the human body or on surfaces and can also be used for applications other than the medical field, for example in the food or energy sector.

Data sheet – ENG

Measured size: 1 Temperature
Measuring range: 32 ÷ 42,5°C (human body) | 0 ÷ 60°C (surfaces)
Resolution:  0,1°C
Accuracy: ± 0,2°C (range 36 ÷ 39°C)
± 0,3°C (in the rest of the measuring range)
Operating temperature: 0,50°C
Measuring distance: 5-15 cm
Battery: 2 batteries 1.5V type AAA  (lifetime 40 h. continuous use)
Dimensions: 194 x 77 x 43 mm
Weight: 400 g (packaging included)
Certification: It is possible to request a calibration report