LAB-PT: Lab instrumentation for the acquisition of 4-24 temperatures (Pt100)

LAB-PT is a multi-channel instrument able to measure and record from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 24 temperatures. It accepts RTD PT100 probes.

Compact and precise, it is suitable for use both in the laboratory and in fieldwork, offering, in its basic configuration, the logging of temperatures on USB Key. Instead combined with customized software, it automates the mapping and metrological certification service.

Data sheet – EN

LAB-PT is successfully used in the calibration and certification of:

• Cold rooms for storing food
• Freezing tunnel
• Seasoning rooms
• Refrigerated counters
• Climatic cells
• Cryogenic refrigerators
• Blood banks
• Incubators
• Stoves and muffles
• Pasteurizers
• Cooking ovens

Measured size: from 4 to 24 temperatures
Input: RTD PT100 probes – 4 wire connection
Measuring range: Range 1: -140 ÷ 150°C
Range 2: -200 ÷ 850°C
Resolution: Range 1: 0,01°C
Range 2: 0,1°C
Accuracy: (Probe error escluded) Range 1: ± 0,01%
Range 2: ± 0,1%
Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 50°C
Display: 7” Color touch screen display
Communication interface: Ethernet 100 Mbs
Communication protocol: Open protocol
Easily integrated into MES / ERP system
Logging: Storage: USB Key
Max. acquisitions: 86400
Sampling rate: 5 Sec. (fixed)
Power Supply: 100 ÷ 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 360 x 20 x 380 mm (l x h x p)
Weight: 5 Kg
Certification: LAT Accredia Certificate released by our Metrological laboratory n. LAT123
Optional accessories: – RTD PT100 probes
– Custom software for metrological mapping and certification (S.O. Windows®)
Ordering codes: LAB-PT04 = 4 inputs for RTD PT100 4-wire
LAB-PT08 = 8 inputs for RTD PT100 4-wire
LAB-PT12 = 12 inputs for RTD PT100 4-wire
LAB-PT16 = 16 inputs for RTD PT100 4-wire
LAB-PT20 = 20 inputs for RTD PT100 4-wire
LAB-PT24 = 24 inputs for RTD PT100 4-wire