MicrOVis: Heating Microscope

The heating microscope MicrOVis allow to carry out analysis of frits and enamels during thermical cycles (through the aid of a compute software).

Thanks to the electronic elaboration of the image it is possible to detection automatically those features like: Sintering, Softening, Sphere, Half sphere and Melting.

Data sheet – EN

Technical Features

Simplicity in the essential features of MicrOVis software. Each function is executed through clear commands and context sensitive pull-down menu.

The automation analysis process makes MicrOVis a self-sufficient and reliable instrument able to carry out tests without the necessary operator’s presence.

The productivity attainable thorough MicrOvis is such to garantee many tests dayly. A special device allows a quick disposal of the heat in excess at the end of each prove.

Industrial thermal cycles emulation is guaranteed by the high thermal gradient reachable into the furnace. The maximum planned gradient is 80 °C/minute.

The repetitiveness of the results depends on the ability to reproduce the ceramic specimen in a standard way in order to obtain similar features along the time. A brass guillotine matrix/die is used to provide a precise shape of the ceramic specimen thanks to the punch equipped with a constant force compression device.

The SIT certification of the thermometric chain (thermoregulator instrument + cable + probe) shows the microscope precision in an unequivocal manner living a report with scientific and legal value recognized both in Italy and in foreign countries.

The completeness of the software allows to control all the functions carried out directly on the monitor; no external equipment has to be programmed or manually controlled.

The safety reached is such to make the microscope a reliable instrument in all its parts. The careful planning has allowed to reduce the heat transmission to the external parts of the miscoscope, avoiding possible accident.