LORA Digital: Data logger for monitoring of climatic chambers or environment with display and wireless data transmission

Lora Digital is a data logger designed to monitor environmental conditions, under-controlled equipment or climatic chambers. It can only be used with external removable probes chosen from those available.

It stores up to 10,000 measurements and automatically transmits data to the LoRa Gateway, via 868 MHz radio communication, with range up to 10Km in open field. The data is then automatically transmitted to the MySirius software in the cloud or locally.

Data sheet – EN

Measured size: Humidity + Temperature
Sensor: chosen from those available (see data sheet)
Measuring range: variable according to the combined probe
Resolution: 0,01% RH | 0,01°C
Accuracy: variable according to the combined probe
Storage: 10.000 readings
Output: Radio communication 868 MHz
Software: MySirius (cloud or local)
IP Rating: IP40
Display: Display and LED for alarm status recognition
Battery: 3.6 V lithium battery, replaceable
Fixing: Integrated magnetic fixing + support for wall fixing
Certification: It is possible to request a LAT certificate of calibration