Camar Elettronica, a private company founded early 1991, is specialised in planning and realizing laboratory instruments and solutions for process automation and temperature control.

Since its inception Camar produced electronic temperature regulators and custom made software in connection with instrumentation.

Our Calibration laboratory (LAT = Laboratorio Accreditato di Taratura) for temperature and relative humidity measurements complies with UNI EN ISO17025 end is accredited by ACCREDIA (the Italian Authorithy for accreditation) as Calibration Centre nr. 123.

The Centre is able to satisfy calibration requests from companies operating under quality management system, laboratories, universities, by suppling calibration for instruments and sensors.

The calibration certificates issued are recognized in accordance with the EA agreements (European Cooperation for Accreditation).

Making use of experience and knowledge grown along the years Camar can offer complete solutions for temperature control: system analysing, project development, implementation, testing and certification.

Main activity sectors

Food industry

  • Conditioning: Air-conditioning unit, automation and control
  • Refrigeration: Refrigerant plant, automation and control for LT cold store and fast hardening/cooling tunnel
  • Conservation: Automation and control for refrigerant plant in milk products, fruit, vegetables, cereal and food in general
  • Seasoning (ripe): Automation and control for seasoning plant of cold cuts and cheese
  • Baking: Automation and control for industrial kiln baking food
  • Alimentary safety: Process control of food pasteurization and sterilization. Complete system for control and supervision of the alimentary production (H.A.C.C.P compliance)

Ceramic industry

  • Furnace control and regulation for industrial production, melting kiln
  • Control and regulation for laboratory kilns

Tiles manufacturing and clay bricks industry

  • Control and regulation for kilns and dryers

Ceramic Colour industry

  • Heating Microscope MicrOVis for frit and glaze analysis

Ecology Industry (waste, trash)

  • Controand regulation for incinerator plants, including exhausted gas analysing
  • Control and supervision for biogas producing plants
  • Control and supervision for depuration plants

Chemical analysis laboratory

  • Laboratory instrumentation such as: electronic thermometer, in glass thermometer, thermo-hygrometer, and datalogger
  • Software for temperature and humidity recording

Funeral Industry

  • Control and supervision for crematory kiln


Our products

  • Heating microscope for frit, glaze and combustion ash analysis
  • High temperature Datalogger for thermal profile in furnaces Retractometer
  • Datalogger for measuring shrinkage, humidity and temperature in refractory
  • Industrial instruments for digital and analog signal processing (thermocuoples, thermoresistances, and normalized electric signals)
  • Software based on Windows platform for plant control
  • Laboratory instrumentation for temperature and humidity measurement
  • Portable thermometers. Datalogger
  • In glass thermometers. Production of thermocouples and thermoresistances upon request
  • Calibration Service for Temperature and Humidity in our metrological laboratory (LAT Centre Nr 123)
  • Calibration Service in field